Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Sky for September 29

I was driving west on Swift thinking to myself "what a nice sunset". WHOA Saturday sky. I hadn't taken a picture for Saturday Sky!! So I crossed at the By-pass light and drove into Einan's or Sunset Gardens. Or whatever it is called since someone bought it out. While I was there I visited my friend Steve. Can't believe he has been gone for over 5 years. He is in the nicest part of the cemetary. There are basalt columns and basalt walls there. Very nice.

Siamese Mittens

I accidently started and nearly finish mitten one of my Siamese Mittens last night. I was just going to check gauge. Really. I wanted it to throw in my suitcase for some thing to knit if I finished my Elderberry socks while I am in Pittsburgh. They are knit in Vero Tweed color 16. Not enought twist in this yarn. I think I'd better fell these mittens a little bit to stablize them before wearing.My scooter gang went on a ride this morning. We started out with our traditional latte's for an hour at Baracudda's, then rode to the Farmers Market. Potty stop at Fiesta Foods in Pasco on the way back. Actually we stopped because John wanted to buy cilantro and limes. We toke advantage of the time.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day 4: What I do when no one is home

I usually freshen up the house and do all my vacuuming on Wednesday night. Too sleepy/lazy last night so instead when the alarm went off at 5:40 this morning, I grabbed the vacuum and ran it around. The cats weren't too happy. Well I'm not too happy when they wake me up every morning at 4:13 am for early breakfast. No one else to hear it, iPod on, vacuum away.
Had a nice lunch with Kim today, caught up on September. She's knitting some pretty cool socks in pink and lilac Lorna's Laces! I'm saving my sock knitting for Friday Night Knit Night and my biz trip next week. Not getting much else done except watching HGTV. Our cable was out Tuesday so I missed 2 out of 3 of the only shows I watch - House, and Eureka. Friday night is Monk night. Watching Monk depends on how late I stay at Friday Night Knit Night.

Day 3: What I do when no one is home

Pancakes for dinner of course!!
I got my camera estimate today. Bad aperture assembly. Phototronics wants a freaking $434 to fix it. I paid about $500 for the camera. Damn. Someone told me to try Nikon service instead. I called them and they were just plain rude. Crums. What to do what to do. Another glass of wine will only help for another 39 minutes.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Your Father Is a Hamster and Your Mother Smells of Elderberries

Well of course I am talking about Mountain Colors Elderberry colorway. What did you think this blog was going to be about? I know I'd be disappointed too. What I am not disappointed in is the socks I am knitting. My favorite (for now) baby cable rib in Elderberry. I am actually at the heel turn, this picture was taken last week.And look what my SP8 Pal sent!! A box full of beautiful lace. That is her specialty. Her work is beyond exquisite. She also collects lace and loves searching antque shops for it.
This is the view from our son's 11th floor dorm room. I guess the view is worth $$$$ per quarter??? Actually it's cheaper than a payment on a loft in the same neighborhood I think. He gets a view of West Seattle, Elliott Bay, Smith Tower and the Olympic Range.**********************************************
Today's What I did while no one was home: I came home to the electricity being out for 6.5 hours and all the clocks blinking, the cable TV is out and all my cable provider can tell me is there is an outage. They obviously have Einstein working there to figure that one out. So what did I do while no one is home? I am sitting on the newly mown grass in the backyard to publish this via wifi. The grass is finally green so I am taking advantage of it before the sun goes down and the little bugs come out!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Saturday Sky from 9/23/2006

I was too busy to go out and play on Saturday. But if I had gone to the Bacchus Raucus, this is the sky I would have been riding my scooter under. Thanks John for taking the fun pics!

Day 1: What I do when no one is home

What I usually don't do is sleep through my alarm. On Monday's I usually don't fall back to sleep well after Hubby Dave gets up to catch his Monday morning work commute out of state. Not today. And the cats didn't help matters. They decided since I was sleeping peacefully they'd better not wake me for a second round of breakfast.

What I did do: ate my bowl of Quaker Oat Squares (my all time favorite) while looking at the patterns seated on the family room couch.
I finally sent my Nikon D70 in for repair. Hope to hear from them soon. Also hope to hear that it is an easy/cheap fix.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oh yah, I started a new assignment at work

And it takes up a lot of my blogging time that the other assignment left me. This new assignment is funded for 75% of my time and I have peeled off all but 25% of the old one. New one is really cool but a lot of work when compared with the other one. I am now the Non-proliferation Graduate Program Marketing and Recruiting Coordinator at the lab. For once when I was passing around my resume looking for something more entertaining to do and more in line with previous work, someone actually read past my name and phone number on my resume!!!

So I'll be doing a bit of traveling this fall. University of Pittsburg the first week in October, maybe Villanova. Then later in the month possibly some of the UC campuses like Berkeley plus others I can't think of tonight. One of my first job tasks is to reschedule my existing recruiters when possible to more effeciently use my budget. By this season next year I will be plugged into more of the actual recruiting trips.

The good news out of all of this is that I will have tons of knitting time!! So what are some good knitting spots near U of Pittsburg?

Good grief where did the time go?

A week since I posted last? Does anyone care? And what the heck did I do with the last 168 hours? No knitting. I don't think I picked up my socks all week. I did go to both our local yarn shops. I did look at the patterns at the Fall Been doing some house cleaning. Hubby Dave and I took out our rolled up carpet collection, vacuumed them, wrapped them in cotton sheets again and put them away again. Sounds like we need a hobby. Oh wait we do have a hobby.

Graham has been up at Seattle U now for a week, Dave leaves again in the morning for his work week out of state. I'll still report every day on my mundane existance. BUT for fun I'll be also publishing a daily "what I do when no one is home". That put you to sleep already?

Monday, September 18, 2006

OK picture heavy and not much in the way of knitting

Let see, we got to Denver the day after my SP8 box of hand crochet lace arrived. I just realized I haven't posted pictures yet! Oh well, tomorrow when there is light.

We arrived on Friday and the first thing we did because we were starving was go to the Villiage Inn Pancake House for dinner. We all ordered breakfast instead. Thena s soon as I got to my parents house I tried the spinning wheel. The mother-of-all was a bit loose but I got it working just fine.Saturday we drove out to Barr Lake to bird watch. There was no water in the lake. Fishing was still prohibited.Saturday sky for Sept 9, 2006.We went downtown to the REI store so Graham could shop for school shoes. We watched kayakers at Confluence Park. Then we had lunch at Larimar Square. Oktoberfest was going on. Only in Denver will you see a Lederhosen Cowboy.Somewhere around in there I finished Graham's Rusted socks.Monday was Mom's 78th birthday so we took a ride in the mountains to the half way mark up the Mt Evans Highway.Note how Mom can tuck right under Graham's arm pit. My Mom is the tallest girl in her family. Her Mom was so tiny she would probably tuck right under Mom's arm.Going from sea level to 11,113 feet made me pretty loopie! Just like it did in 1963 when we first moved from Seattle to Denver and the first ride we took was up Mt Evens. Afterwards we drove to Central City and Blackhawk so Mom could do a little birthday gambling. We both did crappy till she thru some $1 in the $1 machines. At dollar #16 she hit a $120 jackpot. I grabbed the $1 tokens and cashed them out before she could put them back in and loose them all.Tuesday I hung out with my best friend Betsy. We've been best friends for 41 years!!! We never get to spend enough time together. I forgot to take a picture of her last week! We went to one yarn shop. Pretty lame. No I take that back, really lame yarn shop.Wednesday was my Boulder day. We walked all over campus, Graham had a tour of the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Studies department. We ate at the Darkhorse Bar and Grill. The cheeseburgers were great, just like they were in 1975 when the darkhorse opened. It's one of those places that has something hanging or painted on every square inch of the place. Includes the bullhead from a Mr. Steak restaurant, a horse drawn hearse and a model of a naked pregnant woman.

Well it is getting late, I know I have forgotten a ton. I'll post more tomorrow or Wednesday.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I'm Back

I'm back, I'm tired, I have to download all my (not many) pictures, drive the boy to college tomorrow to move in and then I'll start my vacation blog post. See you probably Monday. Highlight of the trip (fiber related), I spun on my Great Grandmother's spinning wheel. Dad was thrilled because he hadn't seen anyone spin on it in 62 years. Here is a picture of Great Grandma Ingaborg at the wheel. It was built in 1890. Photos of vacation to follow!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I agree with Heide

Kayne Who? I had no idea who Kayne West is/was either. Hip Hopper I guess. I don't listen to much past 1960's rock. Our son listen's to '60's rock and classical so he was no help either. Most of his closest friends don't listen to any contemporary music either.

I'm at the office for a few hours today, then off for Denver for a week. I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get done since Dad only has dial up internet and there will be three of us fighting for it (Mom does not do computers). I'll post pics when I get back!

There will be tons on knitting going on. I hope to finish Rusted sock 2 soon even though I am only 3.5 inches into it. I'll have tons of time in the next 30 hours. I should be able to fit it in to my not so busy schedule. Then I'll start on some Mountain Colors socks. Can't remember the colorway name right off. I'm thinking the Thuja pattern or maybe just a 2x2 rib again. Something to show off the richness of the colorway. It hasn't been cold enough (by about 60 degrees) to wear any of my newly knitted wool socks so far. I'm bringing my Cabin Cove socks with me. I may give them to my Mom if she likes them.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sorry Stephanie

No we didn't go back for Bumbershoot day 3 just to see the Yarn Harlot. I had clothes shopping to do. Needed a new business suit. And shoes. Nixed the shoes idea when the ones I wanted/fit in were close to $200 (I'd failed to notice that when I said "and oh I'll try these too".) So I'll dig into my closet and find my black Josef Siebels, I know they are in there somewhere.

Anyway Bumbershoot. Too many changes. It was only 3 days long this year. Plus it was one of those years when their target audience was the under 20 crowd. Here, I took a picture at the Kanye West concert. We were the only people there over the age of 19 I think. My husband insists we go listen to the Mainstage concerts no matter how crappy or out of our listening genre the music is. My earplugs weren't pluggie enough for hip hop. No apologies here. That is not music. Period. There was a lot of knitting going on at Bumbershoot. I got Mom's entire 2nd Glitten done on Saturday. Finished in time for both her birthday (for once) and I could have even entered it as Glittens 2 for Bitchin' Mittens if I had had access to a computer on Saturday. Hopefully this picture makes more sence than my Glittens 1 photo. See fngerless gloves, that's all they are. Yarn is my handspun Oregon Romney plyed with my handdyed and spun Corriedale.I found Graham's Rusted sock yarn for sock 2 on Saturday morning before we left. It was just laying there in the middle of the guest room floor. I think one of the cats was playing a joke on me. I'd searched everywhere but the middle of the floor. So...I cast on and have about 3.5 inches done on the 2x2 ribbing pattern. I'd like to get these done before we leave for Denver on Thursday so I don't have to carry a bunch of projects with me.

Bumbershoot featured knitting and fiber arts this year. Trees were knitted. Power tools were knitted. Deer were eviscerated and knitted. Hilltop had a vendor booth. Right after I took the Bosch tool picture I was busted by the gallery police for taking pics. It wasn't posted no pics so...

Saturday Sky from 9/2/2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

The lost art of finding lost things

I used to be able to just close my eyes and picture where I'd left something. But if you've been a reader here for the past year you can see that I have lost that talent. I blame it on my advanced age and my meds.

So what is it this time? The bag containing the needles and the remainder of the Sweet Georgia Rusted Super Demon so I can work on GB's sock two this weekend. At least I haven't lost sock one! Sure I could start another pair of socks but I'd need to buy another set of needles. I've checked the yarn storage in the guest room and Hubby's yarn piles in the family room. Tonight I need to really search.