Sunday, September 24, 2006

Good grief where did the time go?

A week since I posted last? Does anyone care? And what the heck did I do with the last 168 hours? No knitting. I don't think I picked up my socks all week. I did go to both our local yarn shops. I did look at the patterns at the Fall Been doing some house cleaning. Hubby Dave and I took out our rolled up carpet collection, vacuumed them, wrapped them in cotton sheets again and put them away again. Sounds like we need a hobby. Oh wait we do have a hobby.

Graham has been up at Seattle U now for a week, Dave leaves again in the morning for his work week out of state. I'll still report every day on my mundane existance. BUT for fun I'll be also publishing a daily "what I do when no one is home". That put you to sleep already?


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