Saturday, April 29, 2006

and another one and another one

Another pair of socks done. The biking socks that I started a couple of months ago. SSS took hold. This week I was determined to start/finish sock two and I did. Stripes even match and that was not planned.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Early in the week someone dropped of many many bags off (free) Moorit and Romney fleece to Sheeps Clothing. An estimated 100 lbs of fleece, in the grease to be split amoung the spinners (Kim, Jessica and I) of Friday Night Knit Night. Kim went over and grabbed a handful, has washed it and will show me today at lunch what we got!! Then the planning begins.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stuck in the 60's

The Ultimate Knitting Project Carry-All Report

Today was my first commute to work on the Ultimate Knitting Project Carry-All. To make this post legal, I will be stopping by Knitty Gritty Yarns at lunch today.

Departed home: 6:15am
Arrived work: 6:31am
Route: Ironton, 38th, Van Geisen, McMurray, Geo Wash Way, Spengler (Richland WA)
Issues: Sunglasses fogged up at every stop light
Fun Factor: 100%

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Now on with the Important Stuff

I put my new Cabin Cove yarn into a ball. And again, it is beautiful. Next socks are going to be from this. YES!!! But first, I am having a lot of fun knitting the Rib and Cable Mitts from IK Spring 2006. Making them in Dale of Norway Helio. Between my color choice and the body that the yarn has, its really going to make the cable pop. I am one happy camper. er, knitter.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Susan vs Susan

Cristina - this picture is for you. Remember I said I thought I looked like your cousin Susan when I was probably her age? In the picture I am the one on the right, my college roommate on the left. (Lori- I haven't heard from you since we graduated. If by chance you happen upon this email me!!) I was probably 20 years old in the picture.
And here is the picture from your site. Am I crazy??? What do you think???

Spring means...

OK Blogger, fixed for now I hope. Spring means weeding at our house. We live on the edge of a field. This time of year the cheat grass seeds that have blown in to the rocks on the side of the driveway have grown into pullable stalks. I hand weed them, then dowse the entire area with Roundup and I am done with that section for the year. Even though the section is only a little larger than our double driveway, it takes time and I am not even half done. I listened to a bunch of podcasts both days. Makes the time just fly by when you realize you just finished another 45 minutes of the Bitterest Pill. And all of Pink Martini's music. And our entire Bottom Line Duo collection.

Any of my loyal readers in the San Luis Obispo area? My son will be racing at HPV2006. His Seattle University team has come in 3rd and 1st in the utility division the past two years. If you are in the area and enjoy seeing hand built bike races stop on by and cheer on Seattle University Redhawks!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

:::tEn SiMpLe pLeASuReS:::

:::tEn SiMpLe pLeASuReS:::

I've been *TAGGED!* by Cristina:

Ten Simple Pleasures - I'm making it a dozen
12. bare feet in soft green grass
11. 3 cats sleeping tight around us on a cool evening
10. a pint of fresh raspberries covered in creme
9. super hugs from my son
8. bottomless cup of coffee, next to a campfire, by a river, the only time I really enjoy waking up early
7. meeting and becoming friends with the most amazing fiber artists though we may never meet in person
6. reading magazines at the library
5. a long recumbent trike ride
4. a long scooter ride
3. a drive on a winding road in the new mini
2. the view of Mt Rainier from Pebble Creek
1. listening to my son play classical and jazz bass (haven't had the pleasure lately, so I close my eyes when I hear a good bass piece and visualize it's Graham playing)

Tag - you're it Dave and Lulu, Elizagrrl and Shitty Kitty, and Jessica, Catty and Moses

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Me's thinkin'

Baby Cable Rib socks for the yarn from Cabin Cove!!! Pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks. I saw it knitted up on Carole's StrangeLittleMoma. And then since imitation is the best form of flattery, I am going to borrow the colors she used for her Baby Cable Ribs the next time I dye sock yarn.

Early afternoon I cast on for my Rib and Cable Mitts in Cambridge. Got about 1.5 inches into them and realized that the 25% mohair completely hid the Ribs and Cable. Tore it all out. Figured I had something in my stash for version 2.

Later we finished dinner just in time to leave for Friday Night Knit Night. Somehow no matter how early we leave the house, we get there later than any one else. At 5:50 I realized I had no project to work on! Well I could have brought the My Town Bag but no. And I somehow forgot that I needed to finish sock 2 of my green biking socks. And I wanted to be able to concentrate more at the cast on for my Branching Out Scarf. By 5:55 I was panicing. Hubby said that was OK he'd just nap till I came up with something.

So I dug through all my sock yarn (only 5 yarns) with 6 different patterns in hand, carried them all out to the ball winder and couldn't make up my mind. Carried them back to the yarn room. Tried to find a substitute yarn for Rib and Cable mitts. No. Meanwhile I was also looking for my little piece of paper with my favorite catnip mouse pattern that I should have memorized but don't. Couldn't find it. By 6:10 I gave up and went to FNKN empty handed.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Even Yummier in Person

Cabin Cove Dave's sock yarn is fantastic in person. Feels great and the colors are rich. Ruby gives the skein her official seal of approval. I wonder if Dave got his Orange Nehi yarn that I sent his way? Plus some supplies for a dyeing experiement and a little something (probably unidentifiable - like a what the????) for the most lovely Miss Lulu Kitty.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Feet Self Portrait are a Bitch Dept.

Yeah!! Finished!!! Thuja Socks.

Nothing new, how about you?

Monday nights seem to be my veg out night. Too tired from getting up toooo early. Made sourdough toast for dinner. Read the paper. Watched a movie - Dancing at Lughnasa. And never did knit. Not a stitch. I don't know where the evening went. Even Dave stayed up later than I did. I was almost in bed by 9 PDT when he called (10 MDT where he is) and he was still up knitting. I fell asleep about 1/3 into the movie Father Goose. I don't know how many hundred times I've seen that movie but somehow never remember how it starts out and how Walter gets to the island. Father Goose was Cary Grant's second to the last movie he made. Like you care.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy 100th

Hard to believe this is the 100th post on KitKatKnit. Before that was JoyOfSpin and before that was 2.5 years of posting on a blog my brother and I shared about recumbent biking. We both still ride recumbents. I've settled on the TerraTrike I've had for two years. Can't remember what my brother has right now. When he and his wife were out for Graham's graduation last June, Steve (brother) and I went bike riding. We ended up being perfectly matched. Each of us didn't feel like we were being pushed to speed up or lag behind. We hadn't riden together in probably 35 years and both missed it.

Dearest Rufus decided that he wanted me to be in the family room at 6am this morning. Weekdays he gets up with me, has his breakfast kitty krunchies, monitors the shower and heads back to bed. On weekends he figures if he gets up I need to get up too. Luckily Barb our paperperson had delivered early for a weekend day. Made a big mugga coffee, read the paper and then knitted the heel flap, turned the heel and started the gussett on Thuja sock 2 all before the rest of the house even stirred. So the early morning wasn't a loss. Tonight I knit down to within an inch of the toe decrease start. Did some Romney spinning too.

Graham came home for the weekend. First time since Christmas break. He had planned on going to Vancouver BC with a couple of friends but plans changed. He had been one of the 3 Amigo's senior year - Graham, Asia and Eileen. The 3 Amigo's were the marching band drum majors and they were all pretty close. Last weekend the other 2 Amigo's visited him in Seattle and the three of them went to Shoreline CC to watch a Cascade Drum and Bugle Corps practise. When Asia and Eileen got to Seattle, Asia said her Mom had passed away the day before from Leukemia and she just didn't want to be around the house alone. Graham and Eileen I think kept her mind off her Mom's passing. Cindy's funeral was today so Graham came home yesterday. Rachel flew in from WA DC too.

Graham got to see people he hadn't seen in a long time. One was Smeds, his ex-marching band director for 4 years. Smeds is now teaching in Vancouver WA. He and Graham had a good talk and Graham expressed how much he missed music after it had been such a big part of his life for 9 years. Rachel and Graham were put in charge of the flower arranging before the service. They unknowingly put the Easter Lily's and other church flowers in with the funeral service flowers!! Oh well, it gave them all a laugh.

Asia stopped by the house later this afternoon. She seemed her usual self, just a little pale and tired looking. She says she is doing ok. Dave and I assured her that she could stop by any time and we hope she does.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thanks Dave at Cabin Cove!!

You know the ol' saying about learning something new every day? Well I learned why I don't get a whole lot of comments. Dave noticed that my comment settings don't allow readers outside of Blogger. Well it's no wonder I wasn't receiving many comments! Either that or my blog really is that boring. Ever since I got that first Mac in 1984, I haven't read directions. I've been on blogger for what? 4-5 years? A long long time and that's the first time I found out about that setting.
Not only that but Dave - fellow cat lover I believe, and I are planning on swapping some hand dyed! Remember this? How I liked the result but not the color? Well it is going to go live with Dave's stash.
And Dave's hand dyed (left side one) is coming over to live in my small sock yarn stash. I have plans....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I thought I was the only one

I found another knitting Vino 125 scooter owner! She's in Mountain View CA. Her knitting blog is here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

KIP Report a la Colleen at Subway Knitter

The weather is so wonderful today that I skipped a status meeting (probably no one missed me) and took a river side walk instead. When I got back to the truck I realized that the woman I was parked next to was Knitting In Public!!!! I had my camera with me but I didn't know if I'd be able to get a clean shot before she looked up and realized some wacko was taking her pic. I could have shown her the hand dyed yarn on the front seat next to me (I hadn't packed my usual sock in progress). Next time....

To see Colleen's Knitting in Public blog go to

Monday, April 10, 2006

Love the Result, Hate the Color - Traded

Dye experiment. The color came out tooooo orange for my tastes. I thought it would be more copper hued. To clarify, I did overdye. Did not feel like overdyeing again.

Traded the hand dyed for another hand dye! See above

Spring is here. I can tell because the gnats are back.

What if Someone Had a Contest and No One Entered?

So who is reading this blog? I get comments from a few of you on a regular basis, thank you thank you thank you, some new readers occasionally and the rest are spammers that find me all the time and their comments have links to something they are trying to sell. I immediatly delete those because they never ever have anything to do with knitting.

Two weeks ago, trying to entice readers into commenting I posted that I was having a contest and the winner got a nice fiber related surprise plus yarn. And not a soul commented let alone entered.

So fine... I get to keep the fiber related surprise.

What time of the month is almost here anyway????

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I don't want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic.

I knitted some before Ginny, Dave and I went to the theater, 3 hours away. There, fiber related to I can go on with the theater review...

You know I've mentioned in the past what a strong theater department Hanford High School has. Graham went to school with Christi from 4th grade on. She graduated June 05 with Graham and is now in the theater department of Washington State University. We just got home from seeing her perform the part of Blanche DeBois in Streetcar Named Desire. WOW. She was magnificint as was the entire performance. And as a freshman, Christi was the lead.

Here's an article and a review of Christi's performance.
I finished sock one from the Thuja sock last night.

Friday, April 07, 2006

What Decade am I Stuck In?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Maybe Felicia Shouldn't Have Posted What Time!!!

I like about 13,099 other knitters crashed SweetGeorgia's store today at noon PDT!! I started mashing my F5 button right at noon. By 12:15 Felicia's store was still crashed. When I came back from lunch I was able to still order. And you know what? By waiting I was forced to order something out of my usual rut. I bought the Speed Demon Rusted.

If I'd seen the choices I missed I probably would have chosen some colorway that I knit all too often like Libertine or Envy, though I may have made myself choose something different like the very rich looking Coffee Bean.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Somewhat larger knitting project bag

In a fit of mid-life crisis one-upmanship, my husband bought us a new somewhat larger knitting project bag so share. This one has more storage capacity than the Vino, rolls on 4 wheels, has a louder horn and is supercharged. Yarn storage capacity is as follows: rear seat down; to lower window: 23.7 cubic feet of yarn space.

We'd better be knitting from the stash for a long long long long time!