Monday, April 10, 2006

What if Someone Had a Contest and No One Entered?

So who is reading this blog? I get comments from a few of you on a regular basis, thank you thank you thank you, some new readers occasionally and the rest are spammers that find me all the time and their comments have links to something they are trying to sell. I immediatly delete those because they never ever have anything to do with knitting.

Two weeks ago, trying to entice readers into commenting I posted that I was having a contest and the winner got a nice fiber related surprise plus yarn. And not a soul commented let alone entered.

So fine... I get to keep the fiber related surprise.

What time of the month is almost here anyway????


Blogger trek said...

If I'd known you were having a contest, I would have entered. But since I know how lousy it is to never have comments on your blog, I am commenting here. Also, if you would like to visit me, please feel welcome.

trek casts on

2:33 PM  

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