Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Heels Keep On Turning

I'm ready to turn my heel flap on my Thuja socks so I figured I'd better get my butt in gear last night and hand dye some heel stabilizer. Used my favorite Wilton's in violet. I think its a great match for the socks. I'm probably going to start selling my hand dyed heel stabilizer. I gave my Mom her Simply Lovely Laces Socks last night. Perfect fit and I think she liked them.

Cristina swatched the yarn I spun for her as part of our exchange. WOW if I may say so myself! My goal was to dye, spin and ply so the yarn looked like something out of the Twisted Sisters sock book. I think I fulfilled my goal. OK Cristina, I found out we are both wrong. I sent you a hare!!! They have longer ears than rabbits (but still isn't a dog ;-) Has everyone gone to The Brown Sheep to see her photos of Barcelona? I've never had the desire to go there to see the few archectural pieces that I was aware of until now. OMG I want to go now!!!!! Here is an example of something from her trip. I knew there was a lot of tile and mosiacs, I knew there was outragous buildings but now I wanna go!


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