Friday, March 24, 2006

Knit a little talk a little knit a little talk a little knit knit knit knit

Ok who can tell my what musical was going through my head this morning? No cheating!

Dave got home last night and we were both pretty chatty about our week. So it was like knit a row of Simply Lovely Lace, talk a little, knit a little. I was going to surprise him with his very own Vino key on a matching red split ring, but he asked if I bought it before I could take him to the porch with his eyes closed and surprise him. He loves it. He thinks I am crazy but he loves it. We're calling it my perimenopause mid-life crisis toy. Got my MC permit, written test was a breeze considering that I didn't open the book. The only question I flubbed was "when carrying a loa, what is the best position?" I answered low and over the rear axle. The correct answer was low and forward or in front of the rear axle. Well that may work on a regular motorcycle but doesn't on a scooter. I was planning on putting any loads under the seat anyway.


Blogger Carpeacum said...

Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! Talk a lot; knit a little more. . .

The Music Man, of course! We once had a challenge at a sewing retreat to see if we could work the phrase "Balzac and Shakespeare and all them other high-falutin' Greeks." into our day-to-day conversations. Not much success, but it was fun trying!

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