Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Andy Warhol Lives

I'd forgotten to mention that Dave added to my stable of fantastic knitting project bags over the weekend. He even kept to my recent theme and pallette. Neon lime green, neon pink and '60's pop art! Take a look. It's a messenger bag, pockets inside, key ring clasp, an attached coin purse with a cow on it. On the outside, removable Warhol prints of a banana, Mao, more cows and ... wait... is that Andy as a young man? Or is it Graham?

The messenger bag's has this tag printed on muslin that must be Andy Warhol when he was probably 35, taken in one of those 25 cent/4 photo photo booths. What struck me was the photo not only looks like Graham but also are classic (silly) Graham poses. I'd love to have Graham recreate these photos sometime! Here is a better picture as part of a collage The pics were taken in 1963-64. Warhol is described as "Unconventional, smart, edgy, innovative" and so is Graham!


Blogger Cristina said...

this is a really really cool bag! and sooooo unique too. graham has great taste!

9:29 AM  

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