Tuesday, March 07, 2006

zzzzzz Oh Wait, it's Tuesday zzzzzzz

Tired again, the alarm went off too early. Dave took the o'dark thirty flight to LAX/Pasadena. The KatKids were good though and let me go back to sleep and didn't argue when I hit the snooze button for an extra 5.

I am loving the Simply Lovely Lace Socks. Granted I am only about 2 repeats into the lace section but I couldn't have asked for an easier pattern as my first foray into lace socks. Plus the Louet Gems Opal is knitting up soooo soft. I am a happy knitter.
For my Friday Night Knit Nighters, I am putting together a fiber retreat for the weekend of May 5-7 (2 nights). Only trouble is the cabin we are renting only (and barely) sleeps 12. But we can probably fit more during the Saturday that just want to come up for the day to Packwood WA and knit from the porch with a view of Mt Rainier. So far 2 spaces are reserved. I will leave flyers at Sheep's Clothing this weekend or email me at slipslipknitATgmailDOTcom. And Cristina, any biz trips up this way that around that week? I'll reserve you a space too.

Joy will be leaving today for her new home in PA. She smiled all night. I'm sad though, I will miss her. She's taking some roving with her.

I had six items that sold on eBay yesterday. All the proceeds go in to my "I think I need a motorscooter fund".


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