Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where have all the flowers gone?

Or at least violets? I tossed the roving around to make it cool faster and was able to bring it to room temp by 10pm last night. When I hung it to dry I noticed very little was violet. Oh no... Nice deep blues, to burgandy to cotton candy pink but the violet is just about gone. Which means - I might spin for Cristina (Cristina - I'll send you a pic and see if you like it as our exchange. You get first right of refusal on it), sell, or send to my SP7 pal.
Didn't get to far on my biking socks but it sure makes a difference when the cuff is only 1.5 inches! Makes the knitting seem to go so much faster. I got as far as row six of the heel flap. I'm thinking that I should have only cast on 64 stitches rather than the 68 my gauge swatch indicated. Looks baggy. As soon as I turn the heel I'll try it on. I'd take pictures of it on my feet but so far my sock self portraits leave a lot to be desired. Lame, totally lame. And I can't wait forever for someone to be home to take sock pics. And I've had the hardest time talking Rosemary into becoming the next Imogene Cunningham. Her and her lousy excuse about not having opposable thumbs. I am seeing if anyone is actually reading this by putting in that reference above. Bueller? Bueller?


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