Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheater Cheater Cheater

I am not an official participant of the knitting olympics because I just had to cast on those Big Mexiko socks after I did my gauge swatch. Couldn't resist. Cheater Cheater Cheater. But I am running it as a time event. Need to have them done by Saturday Feb 18, 10:30am so I can deliver them to Graham in Seattle. I made a lot of progress last night on sock 2, did the first round on the heel gusset right before going to bed last night.

So now I feel like I could get them done by tomorrow night, plus finish up my Berry Patch sock 2 on Friday night. I "need" to get those two done because I just got the shipping notice about Zoe and Chloe!!! They are on their way. (Romney roving from the two sheep I ordered from last year and am knitting my Zoe shawl from). I know as soon as they arrive I'll want to jump right in spinning them. I've already cleared all but one Lendrum bobbin in anticipation.


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