Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Total Panic!

I try to get to work by 7am, we work on a flex schedule so as long as you put in your hours you can come in and out as long as it adds up right and you're here for teleconf's and meetings. I informally joined the coffee pool at 25 cents a cup when they recently changed the brand of coffee used from "ground-up horse pucky brand" to "almost tolerable if I drink it fast enough brand". I usually start my day with a BIG mug at home and then switch over to iced tea the rest of the day year round.

This morning I was running late because I stopped by eBay to see how my bids were going. Grabbed a bagel and creme cheese from the home stash and ran out the door. I didn't even have to make my traditional oops I forgot something trip back into the house! Dragged my big work mug, bagel and creme cheese down to the building kitchen and paniced. THE COFFEE POT WAS GONE! OMG what was I going to do? Well I could have gone back to my office and filled up my little 4 pot coffee maker, but no. Too much trouble at 7am. So dejected and impaired by the lack of caffiene I split my bagel and put it in the toaster and waited and waited and waited... The toaster was toast. No heat. Crums what a day and it was only 7:10. As I turned to go back to my office with empty mug and cold bagel I noticed that the coffee pool had been moved from the counter top to an office tea trolly thing. Ahhhhhh. Still had ice cold bagel though.

Good news from Vicki. She's getting a spinning wheel. She was talking to her aunt about her experience and Aunt Wild Woman (former owner of Wild Woman Yarns in Walla Walla, WA) said that she had a wheel that Vicki can use!! Not sure what brand etc but yeah!! If it doesn't come with a lazy kate and niddy noddy I told Vicki we'd make her a set.
On the sock front, I still have the toe decreases to go on Berry Patch. And I am on the heel gusset on sock one of Big Mexiko. I didn't pick those up till 9:30 last night. Never did say my reasoning for the worsted weight socks did I? It's because every time I ever buy myself a comfy pair of ragwool socks, my dear hubby assumes they are his and they go immediatly into his sock drawer. When he wears them he occasionally complains that the ragwools shrank a bit. Right. I've been threatening to dye them pink. Instead I decided to knit them with wool he hates - self patterning. I am not fond of self patterning either but at least I doubt that they will find their way into his sock drawer.


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