Monday, January 30, 2006

Roving Surprise!!!

Remember the purple and orange roving I talked about on January 12th? Well last night I was deciding what roving to start on next since I am almost done with the berry patch sock. I transferred most of the misc roving I had in the guest room to a big carry bag and as I was lifting a package, there was a 3rd 1oz bag of the Flame Firestar roving!!! I'd somehow forgotten that Anna had sent 3oz and I'd only used 2. So now I can use it the way it was intended, at a rate of 1oz to a pound of wool.

Not only that but I found both my Felted Knits book and my Twisted Sisters book. Duh, both had been covered by roving. Maybe I need to go through my roving stash a little more often.


Blogger Cristina said...

hey susan!! i wanna do a swap w/ you. i've been looking at all your beautiful hand-spun yarn pics...and i think i need to touch some of it! i'm learning to use my sewing i've like to trade you a hand sewn bag or little critter for your bed...for some of your beautiful hand-spun yarn. i really have no idea what kind of work goes into making a ball of if i'm completely out of my mind...feel free to let me know!

12:50 PM  

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