Monday, January 23, 2006

A Murder

Where did the weekend go? Saturday we got new brakes on Graham's car, and tire estimates. It was done by 11 but after I did some running around town to do errands, Saturday was shot. I finished spinning the last few yards of the Romney, plyed it, skeined it and set the twist. The two bobbins came out to about 258 yards of 9wpi. Very soft. Now to find a pattern to use it. Maybe I should have a contest like everyone else!!! I don't even remember what I did yesterday, except watch the two playoff games (Go Seahawks!!) and work on my berry patch sock. I knit it up to starting the heel flap.

I still have my cold and am really mad about it. I feel like doo-doo today so I had orange juice for breakfast hoping the vitamin C will kick in.

In between meetings I went to the river to photo my yarn at my now usual tree stump. There were about 8-10 crows in every tree. If I remember right, Washington State has more crows than any other state. Crows per capita? Crows per square mile? Something like that.


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