Monday, January 16, 2006

Beefs of the Day

Beef 1) Treating myself to Chinese takeout after a morning filled with meetings, I drove to my usual spot. (after taking pictures of my new mittens) My friend Johan and I have eaten there about once every 3 weeks for 10 years and they know that when I order #4 - Sweet and Sour Chicken, to not put in the green peppers. Ick. This is maybe the second time in 10 years I've done take out from there. Driving back to the office with the goods, I kept thinking "what's that terrible smell"? Thinking they made the mistake of packing hot and sour soup rather than egg flower. Or maybe they gave me the wrong order and it was someone's #8 instead of my #4. NOOOOOOO, they'd put lots of green peppers in my sweet and sour. Double ick. I put them in the trash in the office kitchen so they wouldn't stink up my office. Triple ick.

Beef 2) Hey, how come the average gas price here at zip 99352 has gone back up to $2.29 when the very same Saturday we paid $2.17 in Seattle??? (Shell station behind Seattle U)

Beef 3) Somewhere in the house I've lost my Twisted Sisters book. The last time I saw it was late one evening when a few of Graham's friends were over and Jared and I were looking at the socks in it. I've looked in all the places that I can think of. Now to search the illogical ones.


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