Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No Knit Night Last Night

After working an 11 hour day, then going to a high school basketball game, by the time we got home about all the energy I had went into flipping pages in The Purl Stitch book. I think it was more of a subconscience avoidance of opening up my My Town Bag project bag and working a row or two! My excuse was I need to look at projects for my order of Romney/Mohair roving that should show up any time.

The basketball game was weird. Our son's ex-high school is under major construction so the basketball games are being played at the other high school in town. Their campus is under construction too, including their boy's gym but in better shape than HHS. See picture of the Falcon Gym in the left column. You have to hike over to another building to use the rest rooms. And being a mid-week game, there wasn't much of a crowd. Just the dirty birds (the group of students that stand thru entire games and cheer)

What we really wanted to go for was to see the pep band. When our son was drum section leader for 3 years and then drum major, 50-60 band members would play both the girls and boys games, no matter what night of the week it was. Last night there were 4 drummers and I counted approx 23 other pep band members. A sorry sight compared to what we are used to.


Blogger Cristina said...

Hey!! I got my new SP7 spoilee...I'm so excited! I got a lot of great ideas from you:) Also---I'm going to post come pictures of the little bear sometime this week!

1:24 PM  

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