Saturday, January 07, 2006

Christmas is gone till next year

Finished Dave's second fingerless mitt at Friday Night Knit Night. Wylie Lee showed pictures of their family Christmas where she'd given all the youngsters their own copy of Stupid Sock Creatures and a bag of bad socks. The resulting creatures were wonderful!!

Took 2 out of 3 signs of Christmas down today. The fake tree didn't take long. Maybe 45 minutes to pack up the ornaments, 5 minutes to take off the light and another 5 to debranch the tree and throw it and the fireplace garland back in the box. I still need to take the semi-holiday looking table cloth off the dining room table.

This was a record setting year for the dining room. We ate at least 4 meals there in 2005!!! One of these days I'd like to modernize the rotted old curtains and I have a new lamp kind of picked out at Home Depot. But before I do any of this I'd really need to paint the room. And I don't think I can get the giant mirror off the way by myself so.... excuses excuses...
I am looking at lamps something like this, to go with our mid-80's vintage travertine marble dining room table and washed pine queen anne style chairs. The carpet is just fine, even if it is dark rust. Can you tell the house was built in the mid-70's? Darn it all, it has high end carpet and when we have the carpets cleaned, the cleaners always tell us to keep it because it's very nice quality.


Blogger Cristina said...

hey fairy yarn mother...these fingerless gloves are super cool. i've been wanting to make a pair but scared of the shaping involved w/ the fingers...but not that i have a pair of socks under my belt (thanks to you)...i think i might try them! did you like this pattern?

6:20 PM  

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