Friday, December 23, 2005

Handspun mittenettes

Rachel stopped by last night and I had her try on one of the handspun mittenettes. Her hands are even smaller than mine. I've decided to give her the mitts since they will cover more real estate! Graham says she'll love them. The little ball of yarn was all that was leftover. (just a few yards)
Here is a picture of my yet to be named Lendrum DT. I was planning on taking a beautiful picture of the new Lendrum next to my Joy in the style of SweetGeorgia, but will wait till I get some sunlight in the living room. Meanwhile you get to look at my Christmast tree.


Blogger Cristina said...

these are super cute! i think its so great that you can see a project from its conception (roving)....all the way through to the finished object!
great work...these are cool!!

3:07 AM  

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