Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wrist Warmers maybe?

I split the 46 grams of handspun corriedale into two 23gm balls wound on the ball winder. I love my little electronic postal scale for splitting yardage! I only knit 10 out of 12 ribbing rows hoping to save those 2 rows for the body of the mittenette. They may turn out to strictly be wrist warmers but at least will be fun and warm. After all, if you warm the blood as it comes through your wrist doesn't it help keep your hands warm? I think I'll spend some time spinning from my bump of Thorpe Romney.

Obviously I haven't paid enough attention to the big guy. Rufus is being a, well I would say bad boy, but he is just being a cat. He's been doing sneak attacks under the tree and steaing bows. He's been averaging 3-4 a day. Last night when I was on the phone with Dave I heard Rufus under the tree and watched him pounce on a present, tear the wrapping off it and run off with the bow. For some reason he keeps stealing green bows. Funny since cats are supposed to be color blind.

I dug out my old copy of Homespun Handknit last night. There are some pretty, timeless hats and mittens in there that I may try.

Dave called at 7am to tell me his flight was over booked by 5 people and he'd negotiated a transferable voucher plus a rental car. By 7:15 he called back to say they'd put him on his flight. He was afraid he'd be stuck in SLC for Christmas!

Later that same day. WHOOHOOO the sun came out for the first time in about 2 weeks. I get so excited. At least it's a change. I took a few minutes to go to the post office and walk by the river. The birds were enjoying the sunshine too. This was the view at 11:00 am.

This was the view by 3:00 pm. We usually don't have the rain to go with it. Only low cloud cover. I like the winter temps much better than the summer temps around here. I can just never figure out why Seattle, Bellingham and Vancouver BC have sunshine during the winter and we, at a lower latitude sit in the dark! I took this crazy picture at Zao's. They are battery operated sumo personal cooling devices.


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