Thursday, December 29, 2005

I want what ever Liz has left

I just received on of the (many) Christmas presents I treated myself to. My African Violets roving from Linden Lane Farm arrived in the mail. It is so yummy I can hardly contain myself enough to write this blog entry!! It's 70% Romney Wool and 30% Mohair. And no I want what ever they have left and you can't have any.Here is a picture of the approx 145 yards/4 oz of the Rose Quartz merino I spun earlier in the week. 2 ply/8-9 wpi so a worsted weight. Now to figure out what to knit from it. I like the color soooo much better in natural sunlight (the little we had today) than inside the house.
p.s. Dear Readers (or reader as the case seems to be!! Hi Cristina!) Please comment. Do you like the pictures this size or would you rather see them larger? Thanks


Blogger yarnahoy said...

What a lovely skein! And such a gorgeous color. Now that you have a macro lens you should have no trouble at all getting close to the fiber!

8:53 AM  

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