Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Red Sky at Morning

Got to the office parking lot just as dawn was breaking. A beautiful red glow was coming from the east. I stood outside till I got chilly (I never wear a coat from the truck to the office building). Didn't grab my camera though.

We haven't had Friday Night Knit Night for the past 2 weeks because of the holidays. I miss it so I am looking forward to it this Friday. Plus I'm getting pretty tired of knitting in front of televised football. Even if I do prefer NCAA to NFL.

I ordered 24 more ounces of the African Violet Roving from Fibers of Michigan. It will be here in about a week.

Below is a quick snapshot of GB in the Gansey sweater that Dave knitted for him for Christmas. I think it fits Dave better than Graham. Too big, but warm, soft and comfy. It's in Black Water Abbey in Moss. I was going to take more pictures when we were in Seattle dropping Graham off at Seattle U but it was quite drizzly.
Sunday night we had Rachel (Graham's girlfriend) and Jared (Graham's best friend) over for dinner. Rachel will be headed back to George Washington U in about a week and a half, and Jared back to Evansville U next weekend. It was hard for them to say goodbye. left to right: Rachel, Graham, JaredGraham and Rachel will have gone out a year around Valentines Day so Graham is planning on knitting her something. (classwork being his priority of course). We toured So Much Yarn in Seattle on Monday and Graham introduced himself to the staff there, in case he needs a little coaching. He's thinking of a hat and mittenettes in Noro Kureyon or Silk Garden. Though a shawl or wrap would be nice too.

I couldn't leave Hilltop Yarn East without a copy of Weekend Knitting. I'd seen it on the internet but hadn't had a chance to skim through it till Monday and had to buy it on the spot!!


Blogger Mama -E said...

graham should knit her the clapotis in silk garde. I did and it is soooo soft and warm. It'll be like a big hug from him when they are away from each other. (oh god! did I really sound as dorky as I think?)

12:13 AM  

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