Thursday, January 12, 2006

Orange and Purple Oopsie

I carried my My Town Bag project bag out to the family room with all good intentions of knitting a few rows but roving was calling me. So I went back to the roving room and picked out the 2 oz of Flame Firestar roving that my SP6 Pal Anna had sent me. Very intriging roving. Purple and orange. I just had to spin it all up to see what the end result was going to be.

TOOOOOO COOOOOL, take a look. You want to hear the funny part though? I always over research everything. But not last night, maybe it was that half glass of reisling... I grabbed the roving without checking out the fiber content. Didn't even occur to me to look it up online. Now that it is all spun, soft and skeined I looked it up. It's 100% nylon. In disbelief I did the burn test and sure enough! It, I find out now, is intended to be combed into other roving at a rate of 1 oz to 1 lb. oooooppsssss. Hey it's pretty!

The next pic was taken over the new years weekend. I figured this is what was going on when a pound of winter mix for the birds was being eaten every 48 hours.


Blogger Anna said...

WOW, I've got a LOT to learn about spinning before I get started. I didn't know that there are so many types of roving out there. It came out absolutely gorgeous though. Reminds me of U Dub colors almost. :-D


3:21 PM  

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