Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Hilltop East and Tricoter day - AND GO Seahawks!!

Hubby wanted to go to a Philip Stark trunk show at Optical Illusions today, we checked the pass reports and were on the road by 7am. Hubby did the drive over so I cast on a sock and got about an inch of the ribbing done. The roads were good so we got to Hilltop East 10 minutes before they opened and there was a crowd outside. ??? Found out it was spring class registration openhouse. We were just there to browse and buy so we were out pretty fast. All I bought was a package of Chibi needles in an orange and clear case. (score!!)

Picked up GB at Seattle U and drove up Broadway to find some lunch. We got past Denny and decided what we really wanted was Ivars. SO we turned back around and walked down James. EVERYONE and their brother, mother etc was headed to the Seahawks game so there was no line at Ivars. We duh had forgotten there was a game. Don't get me wrong, we love the Seahawks and watch almost all the games but we had 1) seeing our son, 2) the trunk show and 3) yarn on our minds.

Second generation seagull feeder at Ivars. I started feeding seagulls there during the Eisenhower administration. Our son since 1986.


Blogger Harsha said...

Just Surfed in..feeding seagulls from 1986..

9:23 PM  

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