Monday, January 16, 2006

Silly place holder title till I have more coffee in me

One of those Monday mornings where there isn't enough coffee in me. Hubby left on an early flight so I was up before 4am and never did get back to sleep right. Probably stayed up to late last night too since I was spinning. I decided to spin up all the Thorp Romney I have. I love the result of my test with it a few weeks ago and for sure will Navaho ply it. I'll be checking eBay this spring to see if I can find more Romney roving from the same flock. It spins up so soft!! Anyway, I'd just been using the Romney to experiement with but now I love it. I don't think I have more than 8-10 oz left (I forgot to weight it) but maybe I have enough for some type of wrap or shawl. After my trike ride yesterday I walked on the river for a while with my camera. I've been playing with my new 70-300mm lens and perfecting my hand held with it. Pretty good so far in full light conditions. OK so this is just a picture of a rock... For those of you that don't know my trike, it's a TerraTrike by Wizwheelz. Picture of course was in April or May a few years ago, not the middle of winter.Oh and before I forget, the long awaited (ha ha) picture of the Rose Quartz merino mittens. Dark out today so that's as bright as they get.


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