Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Family Non-Knitter

This is Rosemary, almost 14 years old. Unlike Rufus andRuby, she couldn't care less about knitting. She can though still hold her own in a fist fight, she has a wicked left hook. Her hobbies include the all important bird watching, window peeking, cave carving and of course... napping.

Rosemary says "No Granddad, that's not a skunk stripe of grey hair between my ears, that's from the flash reflecting off my beautiful black glossy fur. I may be old but not grey."This pic was taken with the little Samsung digicam I bought this morning. I've "needed" a camera I can take along, hung around my neck or in a pocket when I am riding, rather than packing my D70. I think it will be just good enough. If not, I can always Craigslist it. I think the new camera may be helpful in my cat candid photos. Rufus and Ruby give me the eye roll and "oh cat-poo she's hauled out that big camera again" look when I try to take their pictures with the SLR. They associate it with the flash maybe? I got the look again but this time they didn't run from this camera. I'll stick with the SLR for WIP and FO's though.


Blogger Cristina said...

this is so cute! love this picture. btw let me know how you like your new camera....i'm in the market for a new one:) looking for something i can hang around my neck and catch crazy shots when i come across them!!

10:45 PM  

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