Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Show Off

I've been getting reports from my Mom every time she wears one of my knitted items. She makes sure she shows them off everytime someone comments on them. Sunday she wore the Fall Foliage socks I knit her for Christmas because they were the only semi-Denver Bronco colored clothing she owns. Which I think is pretty funny since she has been a die hard Bronco fan for 40 years. The entire game is watched either standing up or sitting on the steps to the family room just out of sight of the TV (in case her watching has given the Broncos a bit of bad luck for a while). I usually talk to my parents sometime after the game and Mom gives me a play by play. Like I know any of the Bronco players...

This picture is for Wendy and Lucy of Wendy Knits. On the top is Ruby, Rufus' (on the bottom) daughter. I'll post a pic of Rosemary soon. The 3 R's tagged Lucy for the latest meme.No knitting last night. I felt so crappy with this cold that I went to bed by 7. (after I wrote a letter to Graham and spun a tiny bit of yardage from the dudleyspinner roving). Watched 3 movies. I watched Gettysburg from the point that I'd fallen asleep watching it last week, Green Card, and about the 1st half of The Emperers Club before falling asleep. I think I know where I left off on the last one.


Blogger Wendy said...

Thanks for the pic!

Sorry that Lucy hasn't posted her responses to the meme -- she has been far too busy. You know . . . lying around and sleeping.

4:53 AM  

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