Saturday, January 28, 2006

Blown Away

Ok I am sick of the wind already. Woke up to it when it was running 35mph plus gusts. For the past 2 hours it's been 45mph and gusts on top of that. Most of the loose soil in the fields left earlier this morning. Our bird feeder has lost half its contents to the wind. Occasionally a bird will perch on it and try to feed.

Cast on last night for the Kid and Fizz stole last night (from I am using my 258 yards of handspun Romney till it runs out, with some fun sage and white mohair to spark it up a little. It is going to be soft! I ran out of the 220m of mohair so I have to wait till next Friday when Dave comes home from Tooele with a additional ball of it. Our 2 LYS don't carry this particular yarn.


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