Saturday, February 04, 2006


Every year we go to the Sol-Land Lodge Son's of Norway Lutefisk dinner. We attempt to invite new people every year. And every year, nearly without fail, we don't succeed in introducing someone to the fine cuisine. Maybe once every 5 years. Our work was done for us this year. Nancy, at Friday Night Knit Night last night was telling someone else that she was going. She knows one of the servers!!! So we told Nancy to meet up with us there, we'd be there just as it opened. Nancy got there a few minutes after we'd been through the line and joined us. It was so nice to have her there. (hi Nancy!!) When we were done, the 3 of us went over to Sheeps Clothing. I'd saved one of my cookies for Judy, she enjoyed it.

Dave saw a copy of Viking Patterns for Knitting by E. Levold, so he ordered one from when we returned home. (though I am not too sure about that mushroom pot pie thing on her head...)Sheeps Clothing had gotten in an order of Mountain Colors so we oooed and aahhed over them all. Hint Hint Hint - I love the purple colorway of course.

We then went over to Knitty Gritty to see if any other stock had come in. Yummy new things there too. They are sponsoring an opening and closing ceremony for the Knitting Olympics, so I have decided (I think) to join. I think I am going to try worsted weight socks.


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