Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Spinning in the back room party of two

Vicki at our LYS Knitty Gritty has the spinning interest, not the spinning bug. Not yet, not the stay up all night bidding on roving bug. But just wait.

Someone from the local fiber arts guild had dropped off their business cards, advertising spinning lessons. Vicki, interested but not wanting to dive in and spend money at the same time, mentioned to me that she'd like to try it first before taking the lessons. Hey, no problem. I'll teach her my unorthodox but you still get nice yarn goofy foot not too long not too short draw method. I'm going over to the shop at about 5pm tonight with both wheels in hand. I'll have her learn on Joy. Joy was very very happy last night.

I went thru my stash last night and figured out what roving would be the easiest for Vicki to learn on. A tie between the leftover neon green corriedale from the bad color batch, and the entire ball of Pumpkin roving that looked different from Aztec Gold on line but was the same color when it got here. I predrafted about .5 oz and if she wants to learn to predraft I'm bringing the remainder of the roving along with me.

So if anyone takes a look in my truck today... well it's loaded up even more than usual. Six bottles of wine I haven't unloaded into the house yet, 2 spinning wheels, roving, an unopened box of roving, a gym bag, a biking bag, 2 bike helmets, 2 folding wooden chairs, 1 camera bag with 2 cameras. Oh and a wallet with no money in it. Good thing it's a crew cab.


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