Monday, February 06, 2006

Semi-instant Gratification

You know sometimes you have to start a new project just so it feels like you are getting somewhere? I probably only have an hours worth of knitting left on my Berry Patch sock, didn't even touch it during the Super Bowl.

Sheeps Clothing was having a 12th man sale on Sunday so we went over to check it out and have a bowl of frito pie, pre-game. (we still wish they'd had a TV set up, we'd brought our knitting with us just in case) I went around and around the shop. Must have picked up a dozen different things till I realized what I wanted to do. Knit something quick. Wham Bam... I ended up buying some Big Mexiko aran weight sock yarn in blues, whites and lilac. Got home, made dip for chips, made Provence Beef Stew, did some spinning, did some gauge swatching and cast on after the game ended. The Big Mexiko is superwash, not too soft right now so I hope it softens up after a few trips through the machine. The best thing about it is I don't have to watch too carefully what I am doing because of its weight when doing straight stockinette. New multi-tasking skill is knitting and writing internet messages at the same time.


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