Monday, February 20, 2006

The Wilton Badge of Honor

Tonight I wear the Wilton Badge of Honor. A.K.A. we don't need no stinking rubber gloves. Got home from another one of those days at work and dyeing felt like the best therapy. I've had a grocery bag in the bottom of my roving that contains some kind of wool that I bought a year ago. The tag, if it ever was tagged, has disappeared. Its soft, just off white and easy to spin. Feels loftier than a corriedale, not slippery like merino, and I'd recognize it I think if it were romney. So I just call it that first roving stuff.

Guess what colors I used. There was enough that it took a large bucket to contain it all for the water/vinegar soak cycle. I'm doing to baking dish in convection oven method again. And I'll just let the whole thing cool overnight before I do the rinse cycle. I know I will be tempted to rinse at 5:45 am tomorrow. Someone tell me no now please.


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