Monday, February 20, 2006

So let me tell you more about the bike socks

Friday afternoon I went on my usual drop by both LYSs trip. Chatted with Judie at Sheeps Clothing for a while, while fondling the sock yarns. I knew I'd be finishing my latest pair sometime over the weekend and I know the rule about how you always have to have at least one pair of socks on the needles. Footies, anklets, shortie socks sounded fun. I had been planning on a picot cast on or ruffled edge, then about 1.5 inches of rib before starting the heel flap. I found one skein of a green to yellow Cambridge and many of the limey-olive green. So the green to yellow will be the foot and the limey-olive will be the heel and toe. I took them along with me to Seattle just in case I had time to cast on. Threw them in the bag with the Berry Patch socks.

And they mated. I mean the last of the Berry Patch hand dyed looked so lucious next to the green to yellow that I knew they had to be together if I had any left. And I was only left with a few yards. The berry patch color in real life isn't as neon pink as the photo makes it look, its more subdued and violet. Swatched and measured and figured out I didn't have enough berry patch for a ruffled edge on the socks, only enought to cast on for 2 sock tops. So that's the plan. I'm only on about row 4, progress photos will follow.

They are going to be biking socks because it's getting to be that time of year, don't have to wear my heavy woolies with my Shimano Biking Sandals if the sun is shinning nice. And these are going to be rowdy socks!


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