Monday, February 27, 2006

What I did over the Weekend

1) Bike sock #1 progress - knit within 1 inch of the contrasting toe
2) Dichroic wool for Cristina - 7/8 of a bobbin spun
3) Bought some goodies for my SP7 pal Why am I calling #2 dichroic wool? I'm not sure how it will look when two plyed but as the wheel draws the wool into the oriface, the light plays off the wool making it look like dichroic glass. Plus, since I am still a rookie at Navaho plying, I will be doing a standard two ply on the dichroic wool. That going to be ok Cristina?


Blogger Cristina said...

That's 100% perfect! I like the fancy name anyway. I def. think that this might turn into a cable knit stocking cap....can you picture it? i love wearing blue and purple on my head:)

10:06 AM  

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