Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mountain Twilight

I was pretty sad all day about my stupid simply lovely sock mistake I'd made last night. Called Sheeps Clothing and they said no problem they'd try to help me back out of the mess I'd made. So after work I drove over. Of course to get there you have to drive right past Knitty Gritty. And Lin had sent an email out about their new shipment of Mountain Colors. AND I just happened to have a few filled out Knitty Gritty cards in my wallet. (you know - the spend too much and get rewarded with $10 of your next purchase kind of thing)

Nothing feels better than Mountain Twilight Mountain Colors worsted when you are feeling bad about messing up your first pair of lace socks. Doesn't it make you feel better just looking at it?
Got to Sheeps Clothing and Judie did a quick diagnostics on the sock, then de-knitted back a row for me. When I de-knitted and then reknitted a row I'd twisted a few stitches. Otherwise I hadn't messed up too bad. Well actually I messed up pretty bad but I had been able to recover pretty decent.


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