Saturday, March 11, 2006

Can't You Hear Me Knocking - Part two

The reason the song was stuck in my head added with the luck of the Weenermobile became evident when I walked into the middle building of the antique show and the Classic Album Kids were there. (I call them that because the couple running the booth are in their early 20's)

I asked for - It's A Beautiful Day by It's A Beautiful Day and the young man said - Sure we've got that for 50 cents. NOOOOOO, yes he assured me, give me a minute and I'll dig it up for you. IN my hands after all these years. Sure I could have bought it off eBay for tons of bucks but doesn't it feel so much better finding it at an antique show for 50 cents? I'll list my other treasures later.Oh and so there is knitting content here, I also bought a darning egg.


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