Monday, March 13, 2006

Illegal Socking?

In my search for someplace more entertaining than my kitchen table to take a sock progress pic, I decided to take it in our Parkade - Richland's Art District. (you can all stop laughing now). I parked in front of an antique shop and crossed the near single lane (one of the many reasons no one shops there) to the opposite side of the street to place the sock on top of a piece of decorative basalt. About this time a Richland police officer drove up and stopped. Was I looking suspicious???? As I took the picture, the camera battery ran out. So I had to cross again and put new batteries in. The cop drove past and parked in the middle of the lane just a few feet up from the basalt. He stayed there and watched until I was done and I drove away. In my haste, I took a blurry picture. Sorry. Maybe he just thought I was insane?


Blogger Cristina said...

thats the most bizarre story. i applaud your commitment to quality picture posting though!

3:27 PM  

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