Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sheep for Cats

Today was cat food buying day, the giant sized bag for my three little ones. So you know I just had to round the corner to take a look at cat toys. Like they don't already have toy box full. (some are in such torn up shape they really should be thrown out). Shuffling through the $1.86 style (ok, gotta love that price on a katnip toy) I found birds with crunchy wings, fuzzy bugs, shiney mice and what the????? A sheep???

I am ready to do the heel flap of my lace sock #2. I may save it for Mom for Mom's Day. That would mean for once I'd be like 2 months ahead of my self on Mom's Day presenting!!!


Blogger elizagrrl said...

Both the catnip toy and your kitty are too cute! Have fun with the socks - they can be really addicting.

2:27 PM  

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