Wednesday, March 29, 2006

SP7 Revealed

My final SP7 box arrived today. Oh my! My SP7 pal is Karen from
Her final box of goodies were unbelievable (as they all have been) .

She sent 660 yards of PURPLE Nashua Creative Focus yarn - alpaca and wool. I almost bought myself that same color in Creative Focus in Feburary when we were in Seattle!!! Unbelievable that she thought of it too. Karen sent me Brown Sheep Hand Painted Mohair and it's the first time I've seen it in person. WOWWOOWOWOOWWOOW. I am trying to not stay up all night to find the perfect pattern to use it in. I also have to stop my self from eating all 7 oz of Good & Plentys that was hidden under the yarn. Everyone else can have their silly chocolate, just stay out of my Good & Plentys. And in the package was natural blackberry soap, the soap smells almost (almost I said) good enough to eat. Karen also sent a tuxedo cat magnet, Clover point protectors and Clover stitch markers! Wow!

My helmet arrived today at the LMS (local motorcycle store) so now I can officially start riding my new giant knitting bag. I've created a blog for it too, just haven't published anything there yet. You will eventually be able to read it at VinoBella. Like you care.....


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