Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy 100th

Hard to believe this is the 100th post on KitKatKnit. Before that was JoyOfSpin and before that was 2.5 years of posting on a blog my brother and I shared about recumbent biking. We both still ride recumbents. I've settled on the TerraTrike I've had for two years. Can't remember what my brother has right now. When he and his wife were out for Graham's graduation last June, Steve (brother) and I went bike riding. We ended up being perfectly matched. Each of us didn't feel like we were being pushed to speed up or lag behind. We hadn't riden together in probably 35 years and both missed it.

Dearest Rufus decided that he wanted me to be in the family room at 6am this morning. Weekdays he gets up with me, has his breakfast kitty krunchies, monitors the shower and heads back to bed. On weekends he figures if he gets up I need to get up too. Luckily Barb our paperperson had delivered early for a weekend day. Made a big mugga coffee, read the paper and then knitted the heel flap, turned the heel and started the gussett on Thuja sock 2 all before the rest of the house even stirred. So the early morning wasn't a loss. Tonight I knit down to within an inch of the toe decrease start. Did some Romney spinning too.

Graham came home for the weekend. First time since Christmas break. He had planned on going to Vancouver BC with a couple of friends but plans changed. He had been one of the 3 Amigo's senior year - Graham, Asia and Eileen. The 3 Amigo's were the marching band drum majors and they were all pretty close. Last weekend the other 2 Amigo's visited him in Seattle and the three of them went to Shoreline CC to watch a Cascade Drum and Bugle Corps practise. When Asia and Eileen got to Seattle, Asia said her Mom had passed away the day before from Leukemia and she just didn't want to be around the house alone. Graham and Eileen I think kept her mind off her Mom's passing. Cindy's funeral was today so Graham came home yesterday. Rachel flew in from WA DC too.

Graham got to see people he hadn't seen in a long time. One was Smeds, his ex-marching band director for 4 years. Smeds is now teaching in Vancouver WA. He and Graham had a good talk and Graham expressed how much he missed music after it had been such a big part of his life for 9 years. Rachel and Graham were put in charge of the flower arranging before the service. They unknowingly put the Easter Lily's and other church flowers in with the funeral service flowers!! Oh well, it gave them all a laugh.

Asia stopped by the house later this afternoon. She seemed her usual self, just a little pale and tired looking. She says she is doing ok. Dave and I assured her that she could stop by any time and we hope she does.


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Congrats on your 100th post!

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