Sunday, April 23, 2006

:::tEn SiMpLe pLeASuReS:::

:::tEn SiMpLe pLeASuReS:::

I've been *TAGGED!* by Cristina:

Ten Simple Pleasures - I'm making it a dozen
12. bare feet in soft green grass
11. 3 cats sleeping tight around us on a cool evening
10. a pint of fresh raspberries covered in creme
9. super hugs from my son
8. bottomless cup of coffee, next to a campfire, by a river, the only time I really enjoy waking up early
7. meeting and becoming friends with the most amazing fiber artists though we may never meet in person
6. reading magazines at the library
5. a long recumbent trike ride
4. a long scooter ride
3. a drive on a winding road in the new mini
2. the view of Mt Rainier from Pebble Creek
1. listening to my son play classical and jazz bass (haven't had the pleasure lately, so I close my eyes when I hear a good bass piece and visualize it's Graham playing)

Tag - you're it Dave and Lulu, Elizagrrl and Shitty Kitty, and Jessica, Catty and Moses


Blogger Cristina said...

Amen to number 6!! I love reading magazines at the library!!

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

Oh, no, not me. lol I am the person who designed the No Meme's button for Norma. I just enjoy reading them.

2:41 PM  

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