Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I couldn't have said it better myself

I stopped by Jessie's this morning and she talked about her intolerance to the Vermont heat. I couldn't have expressed my heat hate better! I promise that as soon as our daytime temps are in the low 60's or below you won't have to suffer my bitching any more.

We've had temps that finally dropped below 70 the last few early mornings. I know I should be thinking about mittens for Bitchin' but gloves kept coming to mind. I have some hand spun that is begging to be turned into these knuckle tatoo gloves at Knitty. I don't use DPNs much so of course we didn't have US4's in our needle stash. That darn it all meant I was forced to go to one of our LYSs to get some - well order some since they were out. Vicki brought out all the new books that had just come in. Good books but not enough in them to justify buying them. I was good and didn't spend a penny there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After having used a $20

straightener just to see if I'd actually use one if I had it, I finally stopped wanting to fry my hair, and decided to upgrade. I picked this one out because of the long titanium plates, and because I'd

heard an alarming amount of bad things about the Chi flat irons. I have been so happy with this straightener. My hair is super straight, smooth, and shiny. I've gotten so many compliments on my hair since

using it. It's glides right through my thick, stubborn, wavy hair. One stroke usually gets it perfect, some extremely stubborn parts take two. It's so easy and fast to use. I've got so much hair (a

hairdresser once called me "Mufasa", if that's any indication), and I'm done in about 15 minutes.

1:58 AM  

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