Monday, October 16, 2006

oops, no Saturday Sky again

How do I forget to take a Saturday Sky picture every week? I can't even remember what it looked like. Except a little cloudy. Warning, post below is with out much about knitting at all.

Friday when I was running errands I stopped by to see Jerry at Markee's bikes in Kennewick. He had a large batch of 2006 models in his parking lot marked 50% for Friday and Saturday so I just had to see. My bike history includes a couple French 10 speeds (Gitane and Peugeot, back when they truely only had 10), a Trek touring bike (back when we did extensive touring), and my trusty Gary Fisher Tassajara. About 6 years ago I got into recumbents, starting out with a Vision R-40 and then my current WizWheelz trike. What brought this on? Well I'd gone riding with Dave the weekend before and I could keep up on my Tassajara! We hadn't riden together in years and it felt good. I had a lot of fun.

My Tassajara is one of the earliest models, back before they started putting all sorts of suspension on them. So for a mountain bike it is light weight. My trike weighs 32 pounds, lite for a recumbent trike but I get tired of lifting it in and out of the back of the truck. So when Jerry asked what I was looking for, and he noticed I had just enough space in the back of the truck for one more bike next to the other two, he took me inside (not 50% off). We've know Jerry for years and years and he knows what we ride and how we ride. He steered me towards some beauties. And what did I fall in love with? A 2006 Specialized Sequoia Elite. Do I need it? No. Want it? Yes. Same with a WooLee Winder. Need? Want? D80? Need? Want? Well you get the picture. Can I really justify any of them when I have perfectly serviceable bikes, wheels and cameras at home?


Blogger Theresa said...

Hi! Are you going to seriously consider the D80? My trusty camera is dying and so when we get our income tax return I am getting a D80 and I am very excited! I had been also looking at the Canon Rebel XTi and the new Sony Alpha 100 which also get good reviews but when I got my hands on the three side by side and used them in store the D80 was hands down, the best. I had always used Nikon 35mm SLRs, but their lower priced all-in-one digital cameras were not as good as other brands, so I used a 4 mgp camera the last 3 years with an awesome lens, but I have worked the poor thing to death! :o( I am really looking forward to the 10 mgp, as you can imagine. Sounds like your trip to Portland was fun. I've never seen Koigu in person, that wall of yarn looked like you could just drool all over it! LOL

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