Monday, October 09, 2006

It was a wonderful day in my neighborhood

Ok boys and girls, I owe you some blog. Make sure you take a look at the added picture or two below for last week.

After I was done with my recruiting on Thursday, I was just in time to take a campus tour with a group of 5 other women. All between the ages of 4o something and 60 something. All there for our own reasons. Mine was the lamest. I just love taking campus tours. All the others were in town for a national meeting of college counselors from high schools.One of the highlights for me was finding out my hotel was right across the street from WQED. Yes that WQED, of Mr. Rogers fame. Even though I could never stand the show, I had a lot of respect for what Fred Rogers did. So when our young tour guide had us do the "I am not worthy" towards this ugly grey concrete building and then told us what it was I got chills.

Then Amy the tour guide showed us something that we all yawned over being girls and all. She took us into a building built on the site of Forbes Field. So we all gave her blank stares, what's a Forbes Field? Oh, where the Pirates used to play before they built PNC. OK, what ever. Then she walked us over to a plexiglass box in the floor and we all yawned again. Sorry. It was the home plate from the 1942 World Series when the Pirates won. So for any ballbase fans, here it is. Upsidedown so you can read the plaque. I slide my foot over it for good luck, just like you are supposed to.

Then after the tour I took the 61C to the front door of Knit One. I'd talked to Sandy at Knit One the day before and she told me what bus to take and to come on Thursdsay because it's one of their late nights (open till 8pm).All I can say is WOWOWOWOOWWWW! What a fantastic shop. Sandy and the rest of the staff were ultra friendly, gave me a shop tour, didn't mind that I had to squeeze every skein in the shop. They carried a lot of yarn that we don't have here, plus some that I haven't seen in Seattle. Plus a much larger selection of colorways in what I did know. I came out of there with 2 skeins of Claudia's sock yarn in Leopard, a Noro Kureyon in the dark blue-ish purple colorway (to reknit the hat Mom lost last week on the Oregon Coast) and a Fiesta La Boheme pattern for a Bias Knit Stole. I'm knitting that for Mom for Christmas. No losing that one Mom!!!


Blogger Rae said...

you are so FIRED! I'm glad that the picture was not decietful!!!

7:53 AM  
Blogger Diva Kitty said...

Sooo much pretty yarn... soooo little time to stash it all! -DKM

9:45 AM  

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