Wednesday, October 04, 2006

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Pitt Day 2. Work - recruiting went well. Lots of enthusiastic students. Tomorrow will be my big busy day since it is the science and engineering recruiting day. The weatherman promised me rain and a big lightning storm. We got heat, 97% humidity and a little sprinkle of rain between 7 and 8 pm. Not much in the way of lightening and I love lightning.

Ate dinner in the bar at my hotel. I'd asked the bartender if they serve the dinner menu in there. Yes, sure, no problem. Ordered a Bass Ale , ordered dinner... and good thing I was in no hurry. And had brought a note card to write. And had a book to read (The Lazy B. The Sandra Day O'Conner autobiography). About 75 pages later dinner showed up. It was decently tasty or I was real hungry, one of the two. Meanwhile even though the bar was pretty darn empty and the bartender wasn't doing to much, he was an equal opportunity ignorer. Since I am on travel, I have to pay for my brewskie and the dinner can go on my account. I didn't feel too bad then when I handed him a $20 for the beer and I got $27.25 back in change. His service stunk. I left him a $1 tip on the beer. It was worth it. I gave him a tip on the dinner only because it wasn't coming out of my pocket.Then I took a little tour of my neighborhood. The hotel is surrounded by the North Central end of campus. I am right next to the U of Pittsburgh Medical Center, lots of churches and something I had never heard of... the Cathedral of Learning. Outside the building looks like a set from one of the early Superman movies. Inside the first floor looks like the enterior of a cathedral except everyone is sitting around studying.Also in my neighborhood is my favorite kind of underground parking. If I had to have a favorite of course! I've only seen these in Europe. I haven't traveled the east coast in years so they may be popular here. Don't know. But I love the grassy park on top of the parking lot.Ok knitting. Highlight of the day though is I called the closest knitting shop - Knit One. The woman that answered the phone was wonderful. I explained that I had no car and she told me exactly where to catch what bus will take me directly to their door. She was sad though that I wouldn' t have been able to make it tonight because on Wednesdays and they close early. But tomorrow she told me they stay open until 8pm and I can spend all the time I'd like!!! Yeah!!! Yeah!!! Good news too since they are open late, I'll be able to sign up for a campus tour.
See ya tomorrow


Blogger Rae said...

I am so envious that you get to go to Knit One Thursday. I hope the pic of the shop holds up in reality. It rained all last night and today here.....Hope you are enjoying your trip

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Hi, I am also very envious of your indulging in a new knit shop. They sound very nice, what with the helping to find your way right to the shop. Rae had it right, it is overcast, kind of blustery, and cool today. I bet your kitties are curled up napping this funky stuff away. See ya.

4:09 PM  

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