Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Don't know if it's the Pitts yet

I made it to Pittsburgh. Since I had to get up so blinking early this morning I didn't do any sock knitting on the planes. I'd packed a gallon bag of woolie leftovers to knit and felt into the little zippered tote shown in Weekend Knits. Yes Dave, your yarn even stars in this! The theme color of this one is my over used purple to magenta family with some Cherry Tree Hill Fall Foliage thrown in for contrast. It's just stockinette on a circ. I can do that with my eyes closed. Pictures will follow tomorrow.

I have to use the business center to do my AIMing. I'm not supposed to blog from the work laptop I checked out. And I can't get my iBook to access the ethernet. SO I hand carried two boat anchors...

I may bring my Siamese mittens to knit tomorrow. Not sure what kind of crowds I'll have at the recruiting event.

Ciao for now kids!


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