Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Worthless Bug Ninjas

You know you give those cats one job single dedicated job, which should be easy for them and they balk at it. They earn their allowance by acting as bug dispatchers. We don't care how as long as they get rid of bugs, insects, spiders, flying things etc. Usually they all do a good job. OK sometimes we have to point out the opportunity, but the job is done.

Well they failed me this morning. It felt like a blue jeans day at work and a freshly washed/dried pair was hanging outside on the line so I grabbed them before I hopped in the shower. Afterwards I put them on and as I was walking to the family room I thought my cell phone was doing its pre-ring vibrate buzz. I got to the phone charger about the same time as I realized the buzz was coming from the jeans! You wouldn't believe how fast I got those off and threw them on the floor. That brought the cats out of hiding. I told them bug, get the bug. Each one would walk up to the jeans, give it a few kat karate chops and run for cover. They wanted nothing to do with it.

I then took the jeans back outside, shook them as hard as I could and put them back on the line.


Blogger Cristina said...

THAT was hilarious!! Kat Karate chops?? Who else would come up with that?

11:37 AM  

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