Monday, November 27, 2006

As usual, photos to follow

And a good excuse for no photos I think. I'd brought a CD of photos with me today so I could have prints made after work, plus load them here. But I had soup for lunch today at my friend Ginny's house and she wanted to see the pictures so I left the CD with her. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Thanksgiving recap with more details
Hubby Dave and I left the house last Wednesday our usual time, getting into Hood River OR just in time for a latte and the doors to Knot Another Hat to open. We like the store and stop in there both both on our way to Portland and on return trips too. I'd been trying to run into Yvonne (a.k.a. Lavender Sheep) there because it seems every trip I buy another skein of her cool handspun hand dyed wool. And yes I did again! It's called Sea Turtle. 167 yds destined I believe for my first try at toe up socks. Somewhere past Hood River I cast on for the Mountain Colors toddler hat in Lady Slipper 3 ply.

We hit torrential rains as we went through the Oregon Cascades. The kind of rain where the windshield wipers can't really keep up with the downpour. By the time we got to Portland the rain had let up just a little. We decided to go to Habibi again for lunch. The owner now recognizes us since we've been in there quite a few times lately. Graham's train came in on time and we immediatly got on the road to the coast because we know the later it gets in PDX the worse the traffic gets on the evening before Thanksgiving.

We took a quick beach walk right after we checked into our rental in Cannon Beach. Then I checked to see if we could "borrow" any bandwidth from our rooms. I could get one tiny short bar but couldn't access the internet. Bummer. The rest of the time we'd use the internet at the bakery/gallery across the street or Bella Espresso downtown. Wednesday night I finished the hat and cast on for matching mittens. Came out cute!

Our main agenda when we are at Cannon Beach is to take long long long beach walks no matter what the tide, wind or weather. We dress prepared with GoreTex coats and pants. This trip was no exception. Each day we'd usually take a very long morning walk, well south of Tolovana Park to where you can't go around the point (except during low low tide) after our latte and muffin breakfast. Then another walk, either the same or the walk north to the river in the afternoon. A few trips back and forth to the north end of town on Hemlock are made each day too. We love watching dogs play on the beach. Friday I was attacked by a kamikazi fighting kite, slipped on a half hidden round rock and fell (ta-da!!) and was nearly plowed down by a Great Dane romping at 37 miles per hour down the beach!

Anyway by Thursday night I'd finished the little hat and the matching mittens. I'd also brought some socks with me that I needed to re-do the toe on. Those came out and went back into the bag a couple times. Friday night I turned the heel on my Elderberry sock 1. Saturday the gusset and Sunday knitted clear down to the toe decrease. Amazing what I can do on #2's when I put my mind to it.

It was wonderful spending time with Graham for 4 days. He'll be home on Christmas break in a few weeks. He plans to knit his beautiful girlfriend a Noro scarf as one of her Christmas presents.


Blogger Lavendersheep said...

Glad to have finally met you. I hope your trip back went well in all this crazy weather.

10:13 AM  

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