Monday, October 23, 2006

The lessons learned on the felt bag

Cabin Cove Dave wanted to know the lessons learned on the felted bag. And it's not like I hadn't felted before. I've done a ton of felting. Just didn't have my thinking cap on! Dave, can you find your yarn in the felting?
1. Make sure there is no superwash in the palette! Notice the bright orange/gold section that didn't felt, yup superwash.
2. I should have sewn the beads on after it was felted. About 3/5 of them slipped to the backside during felting. Makes the inside of the bag look nice though...
3. When sewing on the zipper I at first used a regular needle, it was a lot of work to push through the wool. After about an inch I switched over to a glover's needle. It worked real slick! Here is an example picture of one.


Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

Yeah, SuperWash. it resists felting and matting. Good for socks. Bad for bags.
And those beads, thanks for that tip. AFTER felting. Gotcha.
For stitching the thick stuff, I keep a pair of pliers handy. They're good to push/pull the needle through. (I've had too many injuries NOT using them. lol)
The bag is very pretty, though. It's a nice blend of colors and textures. I know, not what oyu wanted, but great in an unexpected way.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Heide said...

Good tips. Thank you!

6:19 AM  

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