Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I was in our building lunchroom a few minutes ago putting water in my coffee pot, chatting with a few other people that get here early and can't drink the swill of the coffee pool. We voted that today was an AWBH day. Any Where But Here. A chance for us to fantasize this morning. Where would you be this morning if you could be instantly teleported?

I would be teleported to Paris. To the Hotel Marceau Champs-Elysées. Why there? Because I got to stay there once in the early 90's. We were treated to a one bedroom suite (that's right, we did not have to pay!!). The bathroom was to die for with its walk-in marble shower. The ceilings had to be at least 12' and you could open the windows and look out over Paris. I mean how classic it that? Room service breakfast was a simple cart of teas, coffee, juices and croisant with butter and jams. And though it has been so long ago that I can't remember the name of our favorite Paris knitting shop, I'm sure I still know how to get there. It's possibly La droguerie. The shop was in the St Eustache/Les Halles area so I think that's it.

Excuse me while I close my eyes and travel back...


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