Saturday, October 21, 2006

Boy when blogger is down, it's down!!

I've been unable to reach the blogger dashboard for hours now! I keep threatening to myself to go elsewhere but I'd like to keep all my content. Oh well, while I have this window of opportunity I'd better post. Very last minute Saturday Sky.I finally found a 9" purple zipper for my felted bag. Decided to just use it the way it is. Lessons learned for the next time.Yesterday we went to Portland to have some warranty work done on the Mini. We dropped off the Mini and they asked where they could drop us off for a few hours. We had a quick answer - 11th and Alder!! Home of Knit Purl and their wall of Koigu. Now joined by ShiBui yarn on two walls. Spent a nice amount of time there and a few shops in the general area. That made us hungry for an early lunch at Habibi. Lamb Shwarma. Yum. One of my favorites! Then more walking and gallery stopping in. Since our car wasn't with us I called River City Bikes and asked what the easiest way to their shop was. They said just walk Morrison over the bridge and we'd recognize where the shop was (since we drive there all the time) Sure enough and a mile walk later there we were.

I test rode a couple of the road bikes I am interested in. Their prices are about $70 lower than Markee's here in town plus no tax in Oregon. What to do what to do. Love ya Jerry but I could save $164 by waiting until Thanksgiving and buying in Portland when we are going to be driving through. So unless Jerry has a 2006 model for a lower price...

On the health front, Rufus's eye looks a tiny bit better.


Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

LOVE your purple felted bag. What was the lesson learned?

3:47 AM  
Blogger Heide said...

OMG! I'm new to the Portland area (just north of Vancouver). I've yet to discover all of the fiber delights hidden throughout the City of Roses. I stumbled upon The Yarn Garden a few weeks back and it was fabulous. Coming from the Tacoma area, this is quite a treat. There were only 2 yarn stores up there and one was never open. An entire wall of Koigu has my palms sweating. I'm definately going to mapquest this store! Your purple bag is beautiful. I felted over 20 bags/purses last year in a Christmas gift frenzy. That killed my felting urges for quite some time, but your bag is so pretty that I'm thinking another go might be in order. Thanksgiving will be here in no time for the bike. Besides, it's always good to have thinking time for big purchases. Cheers.

7:16 AM  

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