Monday, October 23, 2006


I think fall has finally reached our zip code. Yesterday when I went out to pick up the paper, I could see traces of frost on houses. Trees around us are turning gold or dropping their leaves. Daytime temps are in the mid-60's and night in the lower 40's. I like that range.

Knitted a few more rows on the Bias Stole, cast on for another felted coin purse (though the colors are coming out stupid so I think it will get cast into the trash bin), looked at my unfinished socks and mittens. Judie at Sheeps Clothing mentioned she may do a one evening workshop on W&Ts and knitting backwards. That sounds like fun so I'll be on the look out.

Sometimes I think I'll get back into my painting but haven't in a few years. I did fool around in Photoshop last night and came up with this.But we all know that the watercolor setting in Photoshop really doesn't look like a watercolor painting. Oh well.


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